Svinicki Association Management Inc. Named Best Place to Work 2015

In November 2015, Svinicki Association Management, Inc. (SAMI), was named one of Best Places to Work (small company category) in Southeastern Wisconsin by the Milwaukee Business Journal.  SAMI Partners Jane A. Svinicki and Jennifer Rzepka and are truly honored by this award.

Nearly 100 Milwaukee-area firms were nominated for the awards and the winners were determined based on scores from a survey that employees filled out. Each company that was nominated was ranked according to the 10 core areas of engagement: teamwork, retention, alignment with goals, trust with co-workers, individual contribution, manager effectiveness, trust in senior leaders, feeling valued, job satisfaction and benefits.

At SAMI the top three reasons given by staff for why SAMI is a great place to work were:  management supporting continuing education, working as a team to help clients succeed and a fun, relaxed environment.

Comments from staff submitting the application include: 

“Jane and Jennifer communicate openly with all staff about the direction the company is headed, including when new clients are brought on board.  That openness makes us feel like we’re all part of the team and have a stake.”

“The workplace environment is great, relaxed and friendly. The company holds multiple events such as breakfasts, brewery tours and annual retreats that provide opportunities to get to know our coworkers on a more personal level.” 

Here are the highest rated perks by SAMI employees.

  1. An annual budget to support education and professional development opportunities.
  2. An annual overnight planning retreat for all staff held at a hotel in Wisconsin. 
  3. The SAMI Employee FUN Taskforce plans social activities, held on work time, to provide opportunities for co-workers to know each other on a more personal level. 
  4. Remote workdays allowing employees the option to work at home for any reason.
  5. Recovery days which is an additional day off after completion of major meeting or project.
  6. Casual dress day any day that a client is not visiting the office.