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Professional Development Delivers Value to Clients

Most associations have education as a product offered to their members. This education is needed by members for many reasons including, developing a knowledge base, maintaining a professional credential, or being part of a larger community of individuals in their profession or industry. The value of education, or professional development, needs to be understood by management.


Pros and Cons of a Value Proposition

A popular task among associations is to define their “value proposition”. This list of measurable benefits is usually written in a way to convey the importance of an association’s offerings and assign value showing that the cost paid is less than the potential savings.


Partnership – New Era at SAMI

A successful business has several attributes, a good market niche it serves well, great staff to meet and exceed customer expectations, systems in place to insure delivery of quality service, and plans in place to insure continuity of service. This year it became time to put in place a formal structure to insure the continuity of SAMI.


What is an Association Management Company (AMC)?

One of the most frequently asked questions we receive at SAMI about our profession is, “what do you do?”


The SAMI Perspective

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Pros and Cons of a Value Proposition

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